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The Downtown Colorado Springs SlutWalk and SlutFest: May 6, 2012


This is why we march:

In January 2011, Toronto Constable Michael Sanguinetti offered this helpful advice to students attending a crime-prevention forum at York University: “...women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized.”

Imagine a courtroom in which the defense goes something like this: “Well, Your Honor, if he didn't want to be robbed, he should have put his wallet away! He was flashing all that cash BECAUSE HE WANTED ATTENTION. The way he goes through money, how was my client to know he'd even notice having some stolen?” Or worse: “Your honor, the 'victim' handed over his wallet as soon as my client made a verbal threat of violence. He didn't even TRY to defend his property. My client firmly requested all of his money, and the plaintiff gave it to him. He had second thoughts after the fact and now he's trying to ruin my client's life. There's no case here.”

-- In late February, a Manitoba judge condemned a rape survivor in court for wearing a tube top, no bra, high heels and makeup, which he implied had led to her sexual assault. Justice Robert Dewar called the assailant a “clumsy Don Juan” who had succumbed to “inviting circumstances.”

Can you even picture a world where a man who's been beaten and robbed opts not to report the crime because he's afraid of having his character dragged through the mud? "It's true, I was drinking and I didn't even hide my Rolex. Maybe I shouldn't have worn that expensive suit..."

In 1999, Italy’s highest court ruled that a woman wearing jeans could not be raped because it is impossible to remove a pair of pants “without the collaboration of the person wearing them.”

When an 11-year-old was gang raped in Cleveland, Texas this March, a controversial New York Times article noted that the victim “dressed older than her age, wearing makeup and fashions more appropriate to a woman in her 20s,” as if this were a relevant factor in the crime perpetrated against her (the Times later responded to criticism).

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