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The Downtown Colorado Springs SlutFest and SlutWalk - Acacia Park, 3 PM May 6, 2012

We're not fighting for the right to be called sluts. We're fighting for our right to explore and occupy the breadth of our sexual selves without the threat of violence, denigration or marginalization - by men or other women. Women should not have to earn the right to safety, to prove themselves worthy of 'respect'. Conditional freedom isn't freedom at all; until we face the issue of female sexuality and its place in our culture head-on, healing the schism of 'otherness' that divides and conquers women, true equality will continue to elude us.

Listen to us talk about SlutFest on Pros On Call Live! Monday, April 30 from 2 - 3 PM! Call in with questions!

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SLUTS: Sexually Liberated, Unwilling To Submit

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About the Springs SlutWalk and SlutFest

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SlutWalk needs your help! We need porta-potties, event insurance, printing and various registration fees. Every little bit helps!

Organizers: Carolyn Cathey
Beth Clements Mosley
Amanda Bullard
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What: SlutFest/SlutWalk
Where: Acacia Park, Downtown Colorado Springs
When:  3PM May 6, 2012; booths open at 12

Speaking at Springs SlutWalk:
Rev. Nori Rost, All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church
Beth Clements Mosley, prosex feminist writer and speaker
J. W., former stripper/rape survivor
Nica Noelle, adult film producer/director/writer/performer
Kimberly Holcomb, professor of gender/ethnic studies, UCCS
Also featuring performances by burlesque troop Peaks and Pasties!



The Colorado Springs SlutWalk and SlutFest will take place on May 6, 2012 at Acacia Park. The SlutWalk is part of a worldwide movement aimed at abolishing rape culture - the institutionalized notion that women's mode of dress or behavior can be responsible for inviting abuse or violence, rather than placing responsibility squarely and solely on the shoulders of their attackers - and addressing the rhetorical device by which sexual shame is utilized to discredit women through character assassination, undermining the potency of our choices, abilities and ideological stances and truncating our sexual options as a means of social control. We believe that the visibility of female sexuality need not obscure our personhood and that the belief that it does is perpetuated to instill fear and inhibit empowerment, discouraging the exploration and occupancy of the full depth and breadth of our humanity.

SlutWalk Colorado Springs hopes to draw attention to the difference between male sexual attention and gender-based oppression, exploitation and abuse, believing that the indiscriminate conflation of the two allows the latter to remain hidden within the former and to thrive in disguise, contributing to the sexual and emotional dysfunction of men as well as women and fostering toxicity in relations between the genders. We believe,too, that understanding that one woman may freely choose what another is forced to do, finding benefit and enjoyment where another met with harm, can only work to disentangle confusion between such circumstances, thereby improving the condition of both by protecting those who need it and respecting those who don't.

SlutWalk Colorado Springs does NOT encourage the early or overt sexualization of underage women or endorse unsafe behavior of any kind. We are not naive enough to believe that protest can somehow discourage criminality. Instead, we seek to neutralize the terms which attack women's personhood and dignity through their sexuality and to make the use of those words as weapons ridiculous; we believe that information, dialogue and understanding can contribute to the sexual health of our culture and bring strength and healing to our embattled eroticism.

The Festival begins at 12 noon with booths offering a wide variety of products and information. The rally itself begins at 3 PM with speakers including Reverend Nori Rost, settled minister at All Souls Unitarian Church; Beth Clements Mosley, feminist speaker and writer; Nica Noelle, feminist producer/writer/director of adult films and multiple nominee and winner of Good For Her Feminist Porn Awards; and Kimberly Holcomb, professor of gender/sexuality studies at UCCS; then finish with performances by burlesque troop Peaks and Pasties (peaksandpasties.com). March will follow.